Why choose LEDthelife?

1) Quality Commitment LEDthelife carefully selects products of the highest quality LED at the lowest prices in the market thereby giving you value for your money. We develop our range based on very specific criteria such as bulb lifespan but also quality of lighting (we only procure flicker-free lighting products that produce comfortable light and don’t harm the eyes) in addition to others in the aim of satisfying our customer needs.

2) Price Commitment As well as being concerned with quality, we supply our customers with the best quality-to-price ratio in the market. In order to achieve this objective, LEDthelife procures its products directly from manufacturers to guarantee the lowest prices in the market with the best quality.

3) 2 Year Guarantee Although we only procure quality products, it is possible that there may be a defective product from time to time. Therefore, LEDthelife gives a 2 year guarantee on all products upon reception. Through this guarantee, we are committed to replacing the product and assume all delivery costs.

4) Excellent Customer Service Our customer service will respond to all questions within 24 hours on working days.

5) Free Tracked International Delivery We are proud to offer free tracked international delivery within a reasonable time.

6) Secure Payment Methods The security of your payments is our priority. This is why we offer sure solutions to guarantee the confidentiality of your bank details and that you are also able to pay for products via PayPal or HiPay.

7) Incredible Promotions In addition to rewarding your loyalty with a points system, we continually offer exclusive deals only on our website! Discount codes are also regularly sent to thank you for your loyalty, wish you a happy birthday or any other special occasion!

8) Accurately Described Products We pay close attention to detail in our product descriptions so that our customers will always be satisfied with their product.